Here is a little bit about
our leadership team

KingsGate Church Helston is led by Steve and Debbie Carruthers alongside Simon and Vicky Rootham. With equally remarkable testimonies of God’s leading to Cornwall, they now serve as the pastoral and directional leadership of the church. Additionally, we are privileged to have three gifted Elders who faithfully serve alongside the leadership, as together, we seek to follow the direction of the Holy Spirit for his Church.

  • Steve & Debbie Carruthers
    Steve & Debbie Carruthers Lead Pastors/Elders

    Steve and Debbie moved to Helston in 2007 with a clear call to relocate but without knowing the purpose. After serving for five years in the Free Methodist Church, God then unveiled the plans for KingsGate through a series of amazing prophecies coming from different visiting ministries, all unknown personally to Steve. Married for 42 years with two sons and an increasing number of grandchildren, Steve has a background in Insurance and is now employed part time by the church with Debbie enjoying her retirement.

  • Simon & Vicky Rootham
    Simon & Vicky Rootham Assistant Pastors/Elders

    Simon and Vicky are married with three young children, two sons and a daughter. Having left Norfolk to spend a year at Bible school in Sweden they felt a strong calling to Cornwall. Simon is self employed as a stove installer, whilst Vicky is actively involved in many areas of church and community life.

More about us

KingsGate Church Helston came into being as God spoke prophetically to three people in 2012. The church first met publically in February 2013 and we have seen God adding purposefully to our number since then. The church is now a registered charity and a member of the Evangelical Alliance.

We believe in foundations and from the outset we knew a sign of God’s blueprint would be local and wider national relationships, connections and accountability. Not being part of a denomination or movement was God’s natural development for us; however KingsGate will never be “independent” or stand alone.

Our connections in the Body of Christ will always be a vital part of our journey. Oversight and leadership accountability are essential to our health as a church.

When God prophetically birthed KingsGate, it came in response to a longing and hunger for His revival presence to once again visit our towns and villages with the good news of Jesus Christ. There is a heartbeat in us for authentic Spirit and Word church as in the first century, the desperate need of the hour through prayer and true worship for the life changing glory of God to be in our gatherings.

On a national basis, we are thrilled to be part of the Revive Network of churches who have become a wonderful apostolic ‘home church’ and resource.

The Revive Network’s Senior Leader is Jarrod Cooper who has led Revive Church in Hull since 2005. Jarrod is an author, songwriter, broadcaster and communicator. Inspirational in style, he uses speech, song, worship and prophetic ministry in an inspiring, challenging and humorous way to encourage the Church to reach higher in God.

The Revive Network is a movement of churches and leaders dedicated to building and planting growing, powerful, presence-filled 21st century churches.

The Revive Network is not a denomination but about friendship, apostolic influence and the mission of revival in our nation and the world.

It is a privilege for KingsGate Helston to be a member of this Network.